Artificial Plant Services

A Full-Service Artificial Plant Company

Pacific Silkscapes Artificial Plant Services includes the following:

A Fire Retardant CA Certifed Applicator

  • Delivery and installation in California/Reno
  • Fire Retardant for Commercial & Hospitality trees
  • Large artificial trees custom designed and built
  • On-site foaming for very large planters
  • Plant Reconditioning for model homes
  • Rental of artificial plants & trees for special events
  • Converting commercial live plants to silk
  • Custom Cement Tree Trunks
  • Free artificial plant consultations
  • Nationwide Shipping 
  • Faux Trees for Wedding /Bridal Archways
  • Christmas Trees and holiday decorations
  • Custom trees and displays for theaters and plays
  • Choice of planter toppings
  • Exact-size wood boxes for table arrangements
  • Spruce up an old artificial plant or tree
  • Professional painting for planters
  • Lighted custom trees
  • UV Protection spraying for outdoor products

One-of-a-Kind Artificial Plant Services

As you can see from the list above, we provide a variety of one-of-a-kind talent that you won’t find anywhere else. Offering a resource page for choosing a tree, as well as fire-retardant for commercial, casino, and adult living establishments is part of this. 
Free expert guidance on selecting the ideal artificial plant is also included in our services.

Pacific Silkscapes’ crew will work with your decor and provide resources like professional painting (to ensure that your planters fit your color scheme properly) or topping your artificial tree planters with various types of moss, rocks, or mulch toppings.

The comprehensive list sets us apart from our competition. We will be your business partner whether it is in making that perfect custom artificial tree, creating magic with an incredible silk floral arrangement, or delivering our exceptional free consultations. Pacific Silkscapes’ crew has over 30 years of experience and will always look out for your best interests.