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There is nothing like a beautiful planter to bring out the beauty of any space and complement your decor design.  A beautiful artificial plant or custom-designed faux tree matched with the correct pot will enhance the overall statement you are looking to make.   Improve your social distancing measures using planters.  Review this article from Jay Scotts.  Pacific Silkscapes custom containers are part of the design elements that complement your decor and theme in any commercial or residential environment.

The importance of selecting the correct planter

Selecting the right planter is essential in creating a cohesive and visually appealing interior design. A properly chosen planter can enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, complementing the decor and making the space feel more inviting and comfortable.

Here are some specific reasons why selecting the correct planter is important in interior design:

  1. Size and proportion: The size and proportion of the planter should balance with the size of the room and the furnishings. Choosing a planter that is too small or too large can make a room feel awkward or unbalanced.
  2. Style and material: Planter style and material should complement the decor style and color scheme of the room. For example, a sleek and modern planter may look out of place in a traditional or vintage-style room.
  3. Plant selection: The type and size of the plant selected will determine the size and style of the planter needed. Large plants require larger planters, while smaller plants can be placed in smaller planters.
  4. Placement: Planter placement is also important in interior design. Placing a planter in a prominent location, such as by a window, can draw attention to the plant and enhance the overall feel and look of the room.

In short, selecting the right planter is essential for creating a balanced and visually appealing interior design. When choosing a planter, consider factors such as size, style, material, plant selection, and placement to ensure that it complements the room’s overall decor and aesthetic.

Need help to select the correct size planter?  Check out our post.

Fiberglass Planters

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Terracotta Pots

Pacific Silkscapes uses baskets, ceramic, stone, fiberglass, metal, resin, glazed, and Terracotta planters. Choose from a vast array of contemporary, modern, and traditional styles. Outdoor planters are usually made from ceramic, or fiber stone for your outdoor plants. The right planter is sure to enhance any landscape design. A designer container will enhance the look of your faux plants, artificial trees, silk flowers, and floral arrangements.   

Our company provides custom-painted fiberglass planters to match your decor to any preferred color scheme.  Product lines include name brands such as Lechuza high-end polyethylene, Jay Scott’s fiberglass, and Vista.  We purchase our Terracotta containers from local suppliers that own factories in Mexico.  Select from a variety of styles like Morgan, Venetian, China Bowl, cylinder, cubes, European, laterals, square, round, etc. 

Refreshed product lines now include both small and large indoor and outdoor plant containers.  These containers are constructed from recyclable plastic, fiberglass, and aluminum to accommodate all potential users.

Just as the wrong indoor decorative pot detracts from the visual impact of your silk plant, the right decorative planter will enhance it. It’s actually one of the most important elements of a successful display, right up there with location and lighting.  All our products are of the highest quality, so whatever you choose is sure to add a touch of class to your indoor space.

Another aspect of planters for trees and decorative indoor pots – is that they have to be designed specifically for the size and weight of the artificial tree that will sit in them. If you select the wrong size planter the tree inside overbalances and topples over. So if the choice of your fake plant doesn’t already come with its own pot – just make sure you get the right size planter for the product you select.